The advantages of desktop over laptop or vice versa

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When you buy your own things surely you weigh what is more beneficial to you. What do you like more? What design will you buy or what color would it be? What size would be suitable for you? There are many things to consider. It is like buying clothes. There was a time that I do not know what the difference of laptop is over desktop. I kept on wondering what I would choose. Is there a great difference of laptop over computer or just the size? Today I want to share what I have found out.

Let us first see the advantages of laptop. When you have laptop you can use it anywhere whether in school or work, in the café, in vacation or in a library. You can bring it anywhere as long as it is charged or you can connect to a port. Laptop also has less space compared to desktop. You can just fold it and keep it away if not in use. Someone can also borrow and take a look at it. it has a single cord compared to many cord in desktop.


Let us proceed to desktop. Desktop occupies more space but it has its own feature that will make it last or more preferable. Desktop computer have more in terms of power than laptop especially if you use it long time in a day researching webpage. Desktop is easier and less expensive. It is less expensive to upgrade.