Gaming parent needs to know

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Today we are running a little bit of advice column here so listen up, of course some parents out there are totally cool with gaming but we are here to talk about the newbies this list is a group effort made by parent gamers and just like gamers like me with a lot of opinions, you’re never to old to get yourself in gaming give it a try maybe we are a little biased  but it’s definitely one of the best ways you can have fun and the average age of a gamer is a lot higher than you think just think about all the people who grew up in arcade or Nintendo one games went on to still play video games and have fun in their spare time  that could be you don’t think that just because you are over the hill you can’t try and engage  in games with your friends  and family because you totally can  and honestly your kids will love you for it.

If you had a kid who is a gamer, he’s often spending a lot of his time playing games and that’s time when your not spending with them so get over yourself thinking  your too old for video games  and give it a try honestly you might have some fun and maybe you’ll thank us, ad don’t embarrass your child on social media  listen if your on facebook and you see us posting about unchartered or mass effect for the new street fighter or something more freaking out about and you have no idea what we are talking about just keep scrolling. Though this we can maintain good relationship for the good of  the family.