Software engineering

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Hi guy’s a software engineer is anyone that touches code  and programs things for your computer, all of the back end are in pyton and all the front stuff are in HTML Java scripts and CSS. At a start of our mentality really is to work fast and fail fast so in reality what we do is ship a lot of products and a lot of code and then we come back and kill all the things that don’t work and try to start all over again right now our average appointment hours is 2.6 hours. I think we should turn on 4 but four is converting on half the rate at 2, my dad actually did software engineering so I was expose to it at a really young age and I really dreamed to become a game developer when I was a Highschool and I thought that building a video game was so much fun.

in Highschool I studied a lot of science and a lot of math they don’t necessarily teach you software engineering they help you learn dfferent kinds of ways to approach problems and different kinds of ways to think through things, I went to MIT in boston, I studied electrical engineering and computer science which is basically everything that goes into higher computer works I’ve entered at companies like Microsoft at google, the experience at my previous internship  taught me a lot about internships taught me a lot about this career and just exposed me a lot of things. Software engineering is all about this things.