At what age should we expose children to technology?

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Every parent always wants that their children will receive the best out of this world. That thinking was more emphasized in this age as children are viewed as the best of everything. Parents sometimes make their children be the one to act as a parent by following whatever they ask that it should not be. Children can be given freedom at the right times and things but not always as they should understand their limitation at an early age. If they fail to recognize then they can have some problems when they grow up.

We can now see that many parents allow their children to be exposed in technology. The question arises that at what age should children be exposed to technology. We can see babies of just six months old already holding cell phones or tablets. Their eyes and attention are glued to it and they will get angry if you disturb them. They watch and play everything that they can understand and see as good and nice. With a positive outlook it is good that they can learn as we are in the age of technology.

At the other part you feel disturbed seeing them just sitting and staring at the laptop or cell phones watching even for how many hours. They even forget to eat as they are busy. Some children aging four or five even go to computer shop by themselves just to play or watch. This is not a new thing but somewhat not good exposure to children.