Mobile phone has become a necessity for human beings, as we know life without mobile phone is hard, because normally our work is almost always done by a mobile phone and now I want to discuss about the positive and negative of using a mobile phone, positive effects of mobile phone is communication, with communication we can communicate, with a lot of people from another place, and we can send message BBM or emails through our mobile phones.  As we know mobile phone has become a very important tool for our communication.

The second is entertainment, mobile phone has become a search unlimited for unlimited entertainment, through this phone we can play games we can listen to music , and we can even watch movie, and etc. negative effect of mobile phone  the first that has a big impact on study, many students buy phones only for watching, surfing, for play game, but not for studying the second that is a hot issue is accident, why? Think about using a phone on the road without looking what is in front of us, many cases about accidents like this is happening all over the world, mostly this are the advantage and disadvantage of mobile phones, through this we could have a knowledge and understanding if phones are really a necessity to us or we just buy it for our own pleasure and entertainment. Let us be wise let us have the right mind in the proper use of our phone and always be careful.