Hey there gamerZakh here with a discussional video, next gen gaming, and now developers, publishers and gamers all hype and get hyped about next gen gaming but what are we actually talking about?

Is it just games that we already have but with a better graphics, for a long time the Playstation is called the next gen, it was praised for revolutionary innovation n technology and heralded as the bringer of the new age of gaming, then the playstation 1 debuted. Time is relative so this means  next is relative  There will always be a next gen and as next becomes present and present becomes next.

let’s have a look where we are now and where we could go next or perhaps where  we are, or where we were, depending on what year it is. The simpliest thing to point out is the power of our hardware maybe what next gen means is simply is what the next gaming machine is to be released ? going from the playstaion 3 to playstation 4, Xbox 360 to xbox one, directX 12 on windows 10, new platform such as steam machines, nvidia shield, or OUYA, maybe it’s not even about new games.

what if we just take games we already have, but make them run on modern devices, like DOS game on tablet, Gameboy games on mobile phone , maybe we could call that next gen gaming? A hardware upgrade might be seen by some to be a move to next gen, but hardware is improving exponentially, Moore’s law say that computing power will double every two years the only limits are physical laws as we approach atomic level of manufacturing. Gaming is a hobby to many. But we should understand it is just imagination with entertainment the real world is our life.